Six kinds of flash photography in the daytime outdoor use


Six kinds of flash photography in the daytime outdoor use

The general public or friends who are new to photography, canvas prints online in addition to the illusion of flashing lights, ‘the effect is very poor, people will get shine outside,’ often also think that only in the evening or some low light shooting environment You will need to use the flash. In fact, even in the context of adequate light during the day, the flash also has its unique purpose of the effect! Today lets us know it!

When the scene contrast is high, fill light reproduces dark detail
In outdoor shooting, it will inevitably encounter some light is not even, so that the screen produces high contrast of the situation, the most common situation there are two, one shot in the backlight, whether people or scenery, will be in the background light The next is particularly dark, and the other is in the field at the same time there are shiny and non-luminous objects, there may be light than the imbalance of the situation. In this case, if the light-based exposure, the dark will appear too dark, the loss of some of the details of the image, if the dark as the base for exposure, it will make the light too bright, as part of the loss of image detail . Therefore, the flash can be used to fill the dark in the dark, to improve the scene light ratio, so that the shadow of the shadow can be rendered, but also to create a more gentle sense of vision.

Noon sun portrait shooting application, to eliminate the unnatural shadow
Usually in the outdoor shooting portraits, predecessors will suggest that you avoid the noon time is better, because the sun is too strong at noon, the light is too hard and very hot, on the other hand at noon the sun is in the head, spilled down easily in the photographer His face as strange as the eyelashes to leave the shadow. If you can use flash, can reduce the top light in the face of people left a clear light and shadow, the use of flashing lights, remember to grasp the lighting angle, pay attention to the flash output is not too much, not too close to the person being photographed to fill A more gentle light effect.

Increases the color saturation of the picture when shaded
Outdoor shooting, and sometimes also choose to shoot to the shadows, but it is because of the relationship in the shadow, the subject will be covered because the shadow of the body leaving the face of the color cast a layer of ‘gray’ Bleak depression. If you use the flash for the person to fill light, can make it look more radiant, the screen color can become more distinctive.

Manufacturing special lighting effects
If the first several conditions, flash can be said to be used to ‘remedy’ part of the deduction, that used to make special light and shadow, it should be the real part of the extra points. Sometimes even in brightly lit environments, even though the scene and the subject of the exposure are considered average, it seems a bit dull, you can use an external flash to create a new light, create a specific lighting effects, So that the screen looks more three-dimensional.

Shoot the character style calendering effect
In the shooting of some fashion portrait photography, many photographers like to use a commonly known as ‘calendering’ techniques, the background scenery to underexposed shooting, only the use of flash for the photographer to fill light to ensure its normal exposure , To create a different kind of personality fashion style.

Freeze high-speed dynamic moments
Shooting in low-light conditions, we will utilize the flash fill light to ensure that the camera shutter speed within the security shutter, increase the success rate of hand-held shooting. The same reason for light enough to change the environment, the application of flashing lights in exchange for a higher shutter speed, and even allows us to clearly capture some dynamic moments, like splashing water, flying in the puppy and the like of

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