Show the beauty of animals how to use outdoor natural light skillfully

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Show the beauty of animals how to use outdoor natural light skillfully

First, shoot animals under natural light

Shooting animals, canvas prints mostly in the outdoors, the light environment is generally the natural outdoor light, such as outdoor shooting homeless pets, zoo shooting all kinds of animals outside the house, shooting wild birds and so on.

In general, canvas prints online when photographing an animal body, the animal does not stay still as the building does. Therefore, when photographing an animal, it is necessary in order to grasp the ‘moving’ of the animal, and in natural light, in particular, we need to select a light-filled environment In shooting them.

In this chapter, we mainly briefly understand the subtle knowledge commonly used in animal photography from the perspective of light.

Second, the use of high speed shutter in well-lit place shooting

When photographing animals, the most important thing is to shoot the animals ‘move’, such as shooting them running, jumping, playing, flying and other sport scenes. This means that the photographer in the shooting need to always pay attention to the camera shutter speed to ensure that the appropriate shutter speed to ensure that photos of animal body clear.

Normally, when shooting an animal in natural outdoor light, the weather is more abundant, and the camera is used to shoot the animal at a high speed shutter. In addition, in the actual shooting, but also need to combine the peculiar circumstances of the scene, select the appropriate high speed shutter.

In order to ensure the shooting activities, more accurate focus, but also need to set the camera autofocus mode, such as when shooting a moving animal, using a Canon camera, the autofocus mode can be set to AI Servo AF; Nikon camera , Autofocus mode can be set to continuous-servo autofocus.
In the light of the circumstances, the use of high speed shutter, you can freeze the pet running jump moment

Third, the animal fur is more glossy under the light environment

Normally, when shooting animals, we will choose the right direction, the backlight angle, the side backlight, the side light and other angles of shooting, choose different light direction, the final picture of the photo also has its own characteristics.

Shun light environment shooting, is the more commonly used soft angle. In general, when shining light on animals, the direction of natural light is as of the camera. In this case, the photos taken by the animals show more shine in animal hair and more detail in hair and color of animals.

Shun light shooting the cat standing on the wall, cat hair details are clearly demonstrated

Zoo animal shooting, you can choose the light environment, the animal hair and hair color more detailed performance,
Diagonal composition to make the screen more vivid and vivid

When photographing the pet dog in the grass along the light angle, you can choose the green grass on the ground as the foreground, so that the sense of space in the picture can be enhanced

However, Panoramic Canvas Prints as the direction of camera shooting is the same as the direction of natural light, the animal hair is almost uniformly exposed to light, and there is very little change in the light and shade of the animal’s body hair, which makes the photo to some extent, lack of three-dimensional sense. Therefore, when photographing animals in the weightless environment, it is best to think of ways to enhance the three-dimensional effect of the composition, such as arranging the appropriate foreground and using the diagonal composition, so that the picture will not be too dull.

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