From shooting to late and teach you how to play hand-painted photography

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From shooting to late and teach you how to play hand-painted photography

Take a look at the following set of photos, canvas prints sheep dad filming the daughter of Sheep live-action images and sheep hand-painted comic background, the effect is very ‘Kawaii’ bar, especially sheep’s creative hand-painted is not very few Sub-cartoonist ‘a few meters’ taste. After reading the photos, sheep had come back to talk about the production process.

This group of photos above a bit mean it, print on canvas a lot of wedding photography is also this way. Production process is this: first of all to become involved in a small studio at home: a background bracket + background paper + flash with a flash (as shown below). Is this a bit exaggerated? Do not be nervous, in fact, not expensive, acrylic glass prints search on Taobao. Of course, if you find it troublesome, do not flash, the background is possible to use their own white walls.

Let the sheep stand in front of the background pose a variety of poses take a decent photo, note: the background should be larger to leave, to leave behind the location of hand-painted. And then buy a drawing board for the goat (as the picture below), of course, do not draw the board with the mouse to draw the line, that is to draw a bit strenuous.

Of course, if you are a tycoon, buy a Microsoft Surface Pro + stylus or Apple’s pad bra + pad pencil, it is more convenient, of course, the best use of Apple.

Lead the picture of a computer or pad, and leave the rest of the sheep. The pictures above were taken by the sheep had the sheep in 2013, and until now the sheep were patterned on the pictures because the sheep felt that they were able to get rid of the hand-painted techniques they used today. In fact, shooting is very simple, the key is hand-painted, creative to be better color Oh! As for the hand-painted areas of note, or in the future, please go on a class sheep go.

Ok! If you not only love photography, like hand-painted, or happen to have a hand-painted children, it must be an attempt to!

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