Rivers and lakes light shooting tips

Rivers and lakes light shooting tips

Rivers and lakes light shooting tips

Nature not only has a wide variety of changes in the weather, canvas prints nz but also the Earth’s surface topography generated mix. As we plunge into nature outdoor shooting, we often encounter some good fortune from the natural scenes, such as rivers, lakes, poise and the like. These natural landscape features, to our photography has unlimited fun and inspiration, but how to make the choice of light and the performance of the picture?

We know, rivers, lakes, poise despite its distinctive external form, online printing nz but the internal constituent is water. Water Scene large screen has the following features:

1, the water has a high reflectivity, in general, the water brighter, rectangle acrylic prints when the sunlight and the camera lens to form a certain angle, the screen will form a light reflection.

2, amorphous water and endless variations, in addition to water and land boundary phase portion waterfront, river, sea and other decision by the topographic lines in sharp lines, its water lines (Watermark, Watermark, etc.) are not compared with static subjects stable.

3, in the same waters in along the side, against three different light irradiation, its surface color is not the same. For example: in the cis-cis side light irradiation or light green color of the water is very rich and gaudy; in the side light irradiation will reduce the saturation of green water, the water of waves undulating lines and contrast between light and shade; at scattering light irradiation, uniform surface light-green color is elegant soft Korea, there is no obvious reflection.

In short, light is not conducive to the performance of water along the texture and natural color. When the water is quite clear, when the shallow bottom, along the light easier to see underwater scenery; sidelight conducive to the performance of water forms, lines and other wave; the high points of light flickering backlight under the surface of water so that the screen image of an active, poetic .

Calm waters are also vulnerable to ambient light. Blue sky can make the water a bluish tinge, Castle Peak surrounded by water makes the water a greenish hue, and the sun a golden hue in the sky at dawn and dusk glow radiance can make the water turn red or golden cozy.

Great scene with a digital video camera other rivers, lakes, poise, and water should be the basis of the amount of exposure control, and strive to show a good image of water and texture. Since the surface brighter and have varying degrees of reflected light, it is best to use when shooting manual iris gear ‘lock’ the aperture to avoid flicker caused by the water screen brightness changes, while using half f-stops close approach will be more bright richer the water level on the screen tonal expression.

In addition, under the strong sunlight and direct the performance of the situation is not the best time to water. Select the angle of incidence of the sun compare the bottom, or the sky with a certain degree of light scattering in fake cloudy shooting can often get good water modeling results. If the performance of waterside people, and water as the background, the brightness of the water should also be subject to control the amount of exposure, due to the reflection rate far less than the face of the water, fill light method can be used to improve the brightness of the face, or by the light or cis-cis Side light shooting to reduce the human face and the surface brightness contrast, do not use to increase the amount of exposure method for improving the brightness of the face, so that the water overexposed and texture disappear, lose specific environmental characteristics.

In order to enhance the artistic expression captured the water, surface reflection is one of the main factors that performance. Shooting water reflection should choose a more calm waters, if the character is a reflection of the performance of the water, the use of cis-light shooting easy to make people reflection image is bright and clear tone. If the performance of the water using side upright reeds backlit film, you can make reeds on the calm waters and bright cast long projection.

I believe you have described above tips later, in the face of natural landscape, you can better depending on your need to select the effect you want to shoot, and remember with nature as a friend, it will be fun one of them.

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