How to remove or increase the mist effect

increase the mist effect

How to remove or increase the mist effect

In 2014 the Adobe Max shows two Adobe’s new technologies, a night at the Japanese upside down (the Time of day, can easily will be pictures of the day and night upside down at any Time; The other is the fog automatically remove (Defog),  canvas prints australia will be swept away the fog haze in the photo.

Two technologies are released, then make each PS lovers. In Photoshop CC 2015 version though not see day night reverse function, was finally added in the Camera Raw 9.1 “Dehaze” haze removal, the function is the Gospel! This feature can be used to increase or reduce the amount of the fog in the photo, canvas printing in addition to sweep away the fog haze, vice cloud can also create artistic conception.

The tool can be the first in the use of the general basic photo adjustments, and then switch to the “Effects” tab and adjust the slider to increase or decrease the mist. In Adobe Camera Raw 9.2 “remove haze” function and a new upgrade, can undertake local adjustment. By using the “radial filter”, “the gradient filter” or “brush” tool, also can adjust the “remove haze” slider control is localized on the image to fog.

Step 1

Open landscape photos with haze in Camera Raw, the first photos of some basic adjustments.

Step 2

Switch to the “Effects” tab, and then adjust the “removal of the mist” in the “Quantity” slider to change the amount of mist. Drag the slider to the right, you can reduce the haze, transparent picture suddenly up. Reduce haze, go after the fog effect, color renderings after further processing

Step 3

If the amount you can drag the slider to the left to increase the fog, the scene will be more hazy misty, photo canvas fog increased, too, this new feature can save a lot of bad weather at the shooting of the picture so that instantly becomes transparent, clear up.

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