Remember these two shooting points will be able to shoot beautiful side goddesses

side face angle

The first is the photographer’s partner’s mastery of your face from a different perspective, followed by the selection and composition of the photographer’s companion camera. For you, what you most need to master is face and neck angle and eye control.

You have to understand their own advantages and disadvantages of the side, the advantage of the side face is generally forehead – Yamane – nose curvature, or nose – lips – chin arc, and chin – neck curvature, with a smile to change the face of the lower face Arc, of course, appropriate to avoid weaknesses.

There are eye control, be sure to have rich feelings based on the scene and the scene, or lively, or sad, or full of expectations, general and photographer in advance please exchange the mood of the film’s tone, I personally recommend full of hope and expectation of the mood, right Girls are easy, photos look good, the eyes will look shiny.

1, looking at the side face angle

Side face angle from 1/2 is about equal to 1 ranging from the side face shooting is a good point of view, most of the sister 45 degree side face shot is very nice look, you have to do is to try to understand yourself.

Really will not find their own point of view must come to experienced photographers to help partners, they will help you find yourself: (studio shoot studio)

1/2 side face:

Eyes closed also have very good results:

Must be proficient at using the closed eyes, seize the elements around, the rational use of light, such as sunlight and night street lights.

Fresh and melancholy than 1/2 face face:

Playful and lively art Fan:

Used here to change the side of the face with a curved curvature (a friend jokingly said qq space background), you can moderate to find a little angle, or direction.

Side of the fantasy angle: (lazy fans scattered emotional)

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