Print on canvas

Print on canvas

Print on canvas

Winter came so quietly, quietly, not an ounce of preparation, quietly in the function in the canvas art being my mind. I was destined to lose you in the winter. Efflorescence of night, staring out the window, the same hesitation, I have been accustomed to such a quiet and cool the lonely, is all the air in the falling rain, floating canvas being that dazzle the downtown, swaying like that, no flavor, quietly, quietly, only heard the sound of rain brush to brush the static, static to see “flowers of the mirror.

My heart is very cool in the winter, I already used to it for the cycle of seasons, but my heart is still being in the summer photo printing online has been frozen, when there is no constant temperature. It used to be lively, once red, has now been ice cream white is hard for a long time, have no passion, no blood, only dead the dead of night… Can’t hear anyone shouting, only heard the expectations of silently silent quietly.

Lenya window down rain rustling, that I buy a leaf across usual prints online Australia hair tip, I put it in her hand and watch it slowly becomes dark, see it lose the vitality of life, it only proved that the authors clear context was tree fork shish, separation of tree leaves and helpless, but buy art canvas contour tree has been printed in the heart.

Leaves taken away by the wind, the heart also with the wind continued to ethereal, the wind does not understand the gentleness of the leaf, tree leaves clinging, only a leaf, a sigh in the wind, I saw a Xingjian wall art paintings smile ran aground in the corners. Lost in the intersection, a heart, have been frozen for too long, hands, the outline of the former appearance. Describe a heart, a drop of tears, I watch lonely figure. With a clear raindrops fell, the wind lifts. A falling leaf on the ground, I leaned billow, dare not looked that dark yellow prints for sale online wither, tears blurred, gradually can’t see clearly lost sense of direction.

Want to try to solve dusty the heart, but is difficult to measure dusty handmade art depth; Want to try to solve his long body touching, but difficult even couldn’t climb up to bed. That lonely figure in the rain, such as leaf sail, drive far, only in my warm harbor short stagnation, filled with my endless ready to hang canvas drive and to miss. Liao Mo winter night is like a thick book, all exhibits the picture in front of smell only now, but I don’t have to read it carefully, and hurried left on the page.

At this time my lonely soul, hold in the palm, warm, no longer as before so cherished; Also once want to put my ideal fragments, use glue healing up bit by bit, how to also cannot put together a “3 piece canvas prints a taste. I’ve been so softly hair shawls, rustled eyebrow in front of the forehead, so affectionately calls my name, and then looked at me affectionately. Lingering tenderness, like a wisp of the wind, always linger in my heart. Remain forgotten, lay quietly in a corner, sending out the old big canvas print worth, the old traces snatched my heart empty.

He quietly watching, I choose quietly forgotten, although the reality is cruel, although will get mottled blurred, a smoke suction can take this heavy memory, a song can let beauty again. My pictures in the winter to canvas bay is looking forward to meet in the game, vaguely remember someone once said, when the snow all over the sky open, can someone get warm. If winter comes, snow will blossom bud. I quietly waiting for snow enchanting poem, until snow romance, I also like snow melting quietly.

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