Photographers must master the nine composition

master the nine composition

Photographers must master the nine composition

Learn to use photography in addition to outside lighting. canvas prints australia composition work is a key factor in success or failure. Photography magazine Foreign COOPH famous photographer Steve McCurry’s work as an example, analyzed and summarized the nine you cannot know the composition skills, produced a small composition instructional videos, take a look at whether they have already mastered.

Masters of the composition followed
Humanities famous American documentary photographer Steve McCurry, cheap canvas prints online best known for his work on the case in 1984 in Pakistan shot goes ‘Afghan Girl’, was chosen as the cover of National Geographic magazine at the time, vividly captures the horror of war seen through the girl look . Shooting rich experience Steve McCurry, in the composition flexible use of various techniques to capture the many keen visual sense wonderful picture.

TIPS 1: classic rule of thirds composition and Tic Tac Toe
This point I believe that many friends have photography by heart, Custom Panoramic Canvas to the golden ratio as the principle of patterning method, the screen with ‘well’ word splitting, and will highlight the main subject can be placed at the intersection of Tic Tac Toe, and the background level to be able to adopt three the proportion of sub-law presented.

TIPS 2: create a visual perspective lines
Seize the shooting screen existing line perspective, it will use the ‘Audience’ eyes focused on the subject they wish to highlight the characters.

TIPS 3: diagonal points system
Find and apply diagonal screen. Make the picture look more lively.

TIPS 4: take advantage of the scene in the frame
If the shooting screen appears as doors, windows and other natural framework, you can use in order to play properly.

TIPS 5: off
Observe Shooting contrast between the subject and the background to make your subject stands out more.

TIPS 6: fill the frame
In fact, the use of close, even close-up shots, which allow the expression or details of the subject or the body can have a better presentation.

TIPS 7: window to the soul pressure midline
When shooting portraits, can be photographed compare the eye of God on the vertical center line of the alignment.

TIPS 8: continuously repeated pattern or pattern element
The shooting screen if the subject is formed with a scale pattern lines, it is worth happy if these lines a little ‘rebel’ is not completely aligned law rules, that is even better

TIPS 9: symmetrical composition law
In the central axis of the screen as the dividing line, so that the screen appears symmetrical effect, the graphic can also bring a different kind of freshness.

‘Remember, the composition is very important, but do not’ rigid ‘,’ end of the film cited Steve McCurry said in remarks made a concluding, ‘The most important thing is to enjoy the fun of shooting, and to their own style a method to shoot. ‘The patterning technique. Your most commonly used is what kind? Minimum application, and what kind? What kind of patterning technique is that you like it? Welcome to share with us yo!

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