Photographers in Europe to teach you to shoot humanistic photography

Photographers in Europe to teach you to shoot humanistic photography

Photographers in Europe to teach you to shoot humanistic photography
First into the crowd and became a street photographer, cheap canvas prints nz feel overwhelmed and somehow timid? The purpose of street photography is a side to write one of the most authentic expression, behavior and interaction herein, this trip through Europe HUMANITIES photographer Zhang Yong word photography collection ‘To become a photographer, you have to walk away from a very slow start’ to tell you how to take photos of people moving through the lens.

First, keep smiling
You probably had this experience: when you’re standing on the street holding a camera ready to take a leading role in front of the other party, photo printing canvas is also aware that you focus and quiet pressure, Review watching you, an awkward feeling from your heart oil However, students ……
It is almost every street photography novice must pass away, Zhang Yong in 2011, had taken his own share of Eastern European gypsy story: ‘In the village filming gypsies is not easy, always closed town, I saw outside visitors concern, especially with Asian faces the camera, really attracted a lot of attention …. ‘ Found that many negatives when flushing underexposed scenes, let him believe that this is evidence of the shooting moment of stage fright,

Photographers in Europe to teach you to shoot humanistic photography
But also made him realize one thing: art nz trying to want to take good pictures if inadvertently beyond the photographer’s understanding, the story does not become the value of the works . meter is only the basis for reference in the film, most reliable and most intimate way to feel empathy is actually the viewing window on both sides of the frequency breathing. Next time, look back to find the lens of the protagonist, goodwill might come up with self-confidence, try to smile at each other, if you can, and talk to each other more than two, may be able to build a bridge of friendship Oh!

Second, the idea of  the picture
‘In addition to exquisite light photography beyond the most difficult to draw the line is independent of the distance of the focal length of the lens, I do not mean 28 cm or 135 cm, but the pace and the distance between the stories..’ – Zhang Yong

Photographers in Europe to teach you to shoot humanistic photography
Some people say that photography is a moment frozen world, but Zhang Yong thinks, photography to emphasize that the past and the future structure of the world met to produce what the corresponding adjustment, it sounds very philosophical, in fact, nothing more than telling you would like to elaborate the story, try to draw in the brain through a scene, use your keen observation experience around the rhythm, the connection between the role of the relationship, remember that you are the director, conceived an intriguing story of your photos now!

Third, be patient
On the bustling streets, waiting for the start of the passers-by at the moment; the next tall building, waits for a figure standing in front of; park swing, waiting for the two long shadows in the streets …… Photography often waiting, we wait for one of the King, the right people, at that moment, photographed goes wanting to convey the picture, and this process is probably most do not have to study efficiency. Roll of 36 negatives is like suit generic world, the moment the shutter is pressed between certain stories foreword, memory and imagination both fateful struggle with tangled summoned a series of images.

Zhang Yong said: Photography discussion, efficiency is the most neglected of the word, I cannot say to myself: ‘This afternoon I’ll wait three hours in the park, you must take five good pictures at the end. ‘ That is if you are willing to bet a lifetime of passionate interest to the achievement or Chi, naturally not eager to immediate heart, that three hours / five ‘good pictures’ myth does not bother you, because you enjoy the process that some secret ceremony in less than outsiders happy.

Fourth, to observe the exchange
After shooting some time, perhaps you will encounter some bottlenecks, then a lot of reading, around the exhibition might give you a different stimulus, usually enthusiasts AC or browse the works of predecessors and photography, but also cannot imagine their inspiration. Zhang Yong share, while studying in Prague, Czech photographer and senior advisor Victor ? Dracula (Viktor Kolar) and he held up the mysteries of the Orient ‘for science’, and that ‘if the election of the face, the photo will be naturally dramatic established . ‘Zhang Yong in photography process also should permit these words: indeed, years of experience in Europe has also repeatedly taken proved to a certain age, personality and mood, or said, that’ inner face ‘more or less in the face, leaving engraved like a mark.

In front of the group of strangers living, those seemingly most inconspicuous but reveal a strong tension of the story, that sometimes hesitantly, sometimes carefree moments intersection sight, like most of a script, and that puzzle almost certain evidence. Each time the shutter crisp sound is a reflection, does not forget to remind ourselves to continue to ask me where? And in front of the world exactly what kind of relationship?

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