Do not hesitate to tell you 12 effective ways to learn photography!

Do not hesitate to tell you 12 effective ways to learn photography!

Do not hesitate to tell you 12 effective ways to learn photography!

In fact, photography is a very fun thing to learn photography is also a very fun process, canvas prints au do not get too much pressure. If you like the art of photography from the heart, then there will be one day, the picture you send will envy friends in the circle of friends!

However, photo collage what are the ways to learn photography? Here to say under the 12 years I summarized the method of learning photography and 12 ways. There are always more suitable for you?

If you have the method you like, welcome to tell your friends, let them and you feel the fun of photography brings us life ~

First, read the instructions

For beginners, the manual is a very contradictory thing. This does not need to be reluctant to see do not have to look at all, know the role of some keys and menu settings on it. In more depth, to understand the pros and cons of various settings, so that Niangniang help understanding. Most are not useful to us (or not much used). Of course, if you accept the equipment party.

Second, see the photo book

This is necessary. Recommended by countless people is a set of books, ‘New York photography teaching materials’, up and down two to 180 yuan; there is a ‘British photography teaching materials’ is also very good.

However, many people are quite divided on these two sets of books. My suggestion is: If you want to learn from traditional film photography, including the evolution of the camera, you can buy these two sets of textbooks to see; if you just want simple quick Learn photography, then bypass the two, choose published in recent years more suitable for the current environmental learning books.

Such as ‘The Bones of Photography, ‘The Road to Independence, ‘ Nixing’s ‘Photographic Notes, ‘ Zhang Qianli’s Travel Photography Bible, and the Hummingbird’s SLR Collection. . There are plenty of photography books published abroad, it is recommended that in the Dangdang or Jingdong search, see the introduction and comments to choose their own, I would not recommend it.

Third, see the network news

Various people may suspect, watching the news can learn photography? Yes, and just listen to me. Now read the era of pictures, news almost all plans, microbiology unworthy of the map is sorry to release. Each time before landing QQ, will pop up a dialog box selected by Tencent News, the middle is the big picture, I think it seems very, of course, from the perspective of photography. Several major portals (Sohu, Tencent, Sina, Netease) also have a week of image selection, photo selection in January like the kind of picture news. These photos are extremely realistic and at a very high standard, representing the highest level of domestic photojournalism! Of course, the technology of these journalists does not have to say that the equipment used is also abnormal configuration.

What news do you like when you want to watch the news, and by the way when you are entertained? What did this photo say? Why do you wish to shoot? What attracted you? You can also have a look at the text, can help you analyze the photos. Personal recommendation: NetEase’s ‘spectators’, Sina’s ‘see’, Tencent’s ‘alive’ (do not ask me to URL ~ hum)

Fourth, photography video

At present there is no complete system to teach online video photography, there is only for a specific theme and recorded. The general public is not effective. If you are a Taobao seller want to learn photography shoot their own products, there is a Taobao education, there are specialized to teach all kinds of shooting, you can go and see. I have seen it once or twice, quite a mixed bag, to find a suitable time cost is too high.

Another problem with photography video is that without real-time interaction and answering questions, you cannot read or ask the teacher in time. If the self-control is particularly strong students, you can watch video learning, do understand the search solution.

Five, music video

Yes, watching music videos is part of the secrets of learning photography. What theme film want to shoot what theme music MV. For example, like a small fresh couple romance, then look at the small fresh MV music, you can learn composition and color matching, there are many romantic plot; will not put beauty, looking for those with dance MV or South Korea Japan MV view , Every second click on the pause button or screenshot, na, this is not the United States attitude it! So many handsome beautiful girls hard to teach your beauty are simply a welfare ah.

Of course, look at the MV cannot look like before you need to have a filter to see. For example, want to get pictures, drama category, to see the kind of story MV, such a lot. In addition the most important thing is: to screenshots! local player software (network also can save screenshots can be) play, set the screenshot save (shortcut), etc., each MV try to take a screenshot. Each time you go get a screenshot, you press the shutter button once to exercise Snapshots, trying to tell the story (or the essence of the MV) with minimal footage. This learning method can exercise a lot of ability to learn photography: capture of the screen, the understanding of the screen, and so on.

Before you learn photography music video MV is entertainment, from now on you can confidently say I went to learn photography it! Play while learning photography, is our advocacy. Personal recommendation MV website: Yin Yue Taiwan.

Sixth, watching movies

Watching movies on the school photography has a great help. We have also sent an article before watching movie photography photographic cloth? See Ge You Zhang Yi play ‘Romance of the Dead. ‘ Enjoyable movie Needless to say, repeated many times will not be annoying. What are the meaning and value of the movie are conveyed? Is the screen Well. The movie is countless separate screen composed of liquid video.

How to learn photography movies, ibid, screenshots. Many classic movies, their light and shade, composition, viewfinder, color matching will be great, see a fine picture on the shutter (screenshot), after taste slowly. Every time I see a movie on my computer, I see the pictures that I see right away.

Movies related to photography, the search on the Internet there will still get a lot. Here are a few of my favorite movies: Sin City, Sintler’s List, Dust and Snow, The Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice, Grand Mastera , Budapest Grand Hotel, etc. Never tried. In addition, especially recommended documentary, there will be more realism.

Seven, visit Taobao

Yes, you are not wronged. Of course, I said Taobao is not confined to Taobao, but rather like Jingdong, Dangdang, Amazon and other e-commerce shopping sites, Taobao is only known as a representative here. Taobao how to learn photography? Very simple ….. you want to make a portrait is it, will not put beauty? Will not composition? Will not match the clothes? Go to Taobao search. All brand manufacturers focus on the image display. The picture is better. Pro, come to my house to see it, this dress, this match, this picture is more pleasing! Although the price is only nine, but no less than the visual image of the brand in the mall! Why? Photo beautiful!

In Taobao, you can learn how to take the rubbish of ordinary things looks high-end atmosphere on the grade. Low-key luxury connotation, is to shoot good-looking ah. Simply put, you will not shoot anything, what you want to learn to shoot, go looking for what Taobao, find a prospective, what have, how to shoot have, properly… Of course, to pursue the art of photography, when I did not say this

Eight, free online information

Just then a search, a lot of information out of it. Half can be repeated, half useless (nonsense or not suitable for you), only a handful of useful and suitable for you, you may not be able to find it; fee wasted effort to find, not necessarily able Understand what you can learn. So, this is not encouraged to spend too much energy, after all, your time is precious, occasionally urgent search to see just fine.

Nine, photography forum

This suggestion you can participate more involved. There are many photography forums, hummingbird network, color video loudly, new photography, a map insects network, LOFTER so much. If you are a beginner, I suggest you look one by one, choose a feeling pleasing to the eye, in the above registration, free time to see God works silently learning. Occasionally send some film up, sincere communication with those predecessors.

There is many equipment in these forums, fever party, you cannot be affected. There is also many introductory uncle who is happy to discuss with you. When the primary mix of the very good inside, you can improve their shooting level, you can also open up the lower field of vision long experience. In addition, you can add local photographers Q group what, free time to participate in the organization’s shooting activities. (Remember: do not be overly focused on equipment, although I cannot control that desire, but, it is not the most important… Well I admit that I’m poor)

Ten, sketch painting

I promise Dear Adams to ensure that this is absolutely the greatest help in learning photography! None of them! If you have studied painting for a few years, or sketching, the progress of your study photography is simply a windy day. Why? Because they are all graphic art, painting has been developing for hundreds of years earlier than photography, and many of these are related. If you’ve been painting for years, I will not play games with the other methods I’ve talked about, and I’ll just shoot it on my own. Numerous Niubi photographers are transferred from the painting profession.

What? You have not studied painting. It will not sketch? That does not count, you can start now! Do not wish to learn boring sketches, learning watercolor and painting can be, not so difficult. In short the more understanding of painting the better photography done! Of course, learning painting cannot be tossing, relative photography is boring and boring, but not a few months on the line, especially in the impetuous current social environment, you need a strong self-control. Do not learn bases on your degree of love of photography slightly.

Eleven, more Lenovo toss

Always remember, there will be reverberations. Art comes from life. Look for light in the darkness. Photography is played out. Photography is tossing out… … front is loaded X words, finished. What is the hardest to know? Beauty and beauty! Why? Because TA are good-looking people, so many people are making it difficult for you to make new ideas. Such photos we commonly known as ‘syrup film’, no nutrition, over the head forget, it is sometimes difficult to shoot. Of course, the time to begin an entry or to put beauty, or no power ah! To repeat the filming sex, gee, more interested in photography is not…

It seems to be pull away. Anything to see anywhere to do anything to think I cannot shoot down, how do I shoot, what can I make, this is the association. Lenovo has always been to their personal affirmation, can, can, well, that’s it! Then, need to get to achieve ah! This is tossed! Do photography is the most important thing state of mind is ‘shameless’ to ‘thick skinned’, do not care too much about other people’s ideas.

When you pick up the camera, you want to be yourself as a director, the director of the world, the world is your stage your actor your props, you can feel free to toss beyond the ordinary people understand tossing! Photography how to look good, there is no law, there are no doctrine tips, there are no aesthetic rules, so, what are you doing tube. This paragraph summary: more Lenovo and immediately give practice!

Twelve, learn the experience of excellent photographers

‘Art comes from life, but higher than life, ‘ this sentence on photography inside the most appropriate. stone from other hills can be used to study jade, learn the thinking logic and shooting experience of excellent people, and help improve their own level. More pondering more experiments and excellent author exchange, can develop their horizons, but also can quickly improve their capacity.

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