Let you become a master of flat lay photography

Let you become a master of flat lay photography

Let you become a master of flat lay photography

Seemingly threshold is very low, it does not require specialized training, as long as a mobile phone and interesting items, a few simple steps, you can shoot your good taste, good friends to share online. However, you want to really take good and are not an easy thing. Take a good lay, to do a color, flavor and taste of food, needs careful planning, careful to select items, clever platoon arms embattle, indispensable. A good flat is not you take the goods more expensive, the equipment is advanced, but you spend much effort to tell you to say the story or the creation of the wonderful moment.
(1) Try to use clean and elegant background
Use clean and simple background is to take a sense of high quality flat lay the first step. The duties of the background is as a foil to the main shoot, rather than to grab the lead thunder, so try to choose clean, elegant and good texture material as background, such as wood, wood flooring, wood surface), marble or some white, light gray cardboard, top quality linen, which is let your photos texture instantly improve ten times more than the most simple method! Of course, you can also try some special background might have unexpected effect.
(2) Natural light is the best “grooming” weapon
you have not found the yen value high flat lay with natural light? Natural light the biggest advantage is that natural soft real and there will be no shadow of you or equipment inside. You may choose morning or afternoon, when sufficient light to see pat. In view of the artificial light of the world, I really do not understand, if you like me is not a professional photographer, proposals do not easily challenge. Is the main reason, flat lay are overhead, so at the shoot will have heavy photographic equipment, the shadow, color is also very difficult to tune.
In addition to the neatly placed outside, if you learn composition and clever blank, the picture can be more comfortable “breathing”, theme and story behind the shooting will be more prominent. Learn the following several kinds of composition style, make the picture more tension and aesthetic feeling. A. triangle composition: the picture on the choice of the main and secondary points of the three objects, put into a triangle, the triangle is a very stable but not boring structure. B. centered composition: like Anderson Wes’s film composition, will be the main body in the middle of the position, and strive to be symmetrical. C. diagonal composition: the screen to take a diagonal, so that the object can be taken to shoot the diagonal distribution, to create a sense of stability. D. 1/3 composition rule: the horizontal line placed on the screen 1/3 or under the 1/3, it will make people feel that the picture is full of beauty and harmony.
(4) Do you want to have a good picture of the subject?
Remember, photos are not just a picture, it is a story, or a wonderful moment, so from the choice of items to placed in such a way that it should serve the story or moment. If the subject is not prominent, then put more goods are not effective, instead will appear cumbersome.

(5) color matching skills
Like I said before, you not only need to set the theme, but also want to good overall color, to ensure that an entity or to match small objects will not exceed this range, such as earth color, black, white and grey shades of blue. Of course, on this basis you can also add a small amount of color contrast or is black, white or colored metal objects, to light up the screen.
(6) Do you want to change a kind of thinking today?
Every day with the same shooting method, will inevitably feel a bit boring. Rather than try some different put way, follow your intuition and freely move the goods position, add to or reduce some of the items, try, can always find something that makes you feel satisfied with the composition.
(7) you need a box of icing on the cake
If you often take flat lay, usually best conscious collection of some of the props, if you like to take food, then good dishes cup essential, there are all kinds of small jewelry, magazines, and English newspapers, books, stationery, dried flowers are wild photogenic king, at any time with, and often play a role in the finishing touch.
(8) Stood high

If the items taken on the ground, then you’re standing height take a completely level of overhead is not difficult. Can if the goods are taken on the desktop, we need you to stand on a stool or a ladder can take fully horizontal flat lay. In a word, stand higher and higher, easier to shoot a perfect, cutting space is greater.

(9) learn to use the square box in the camera
If you are taken with the phone, suggested that direct selection square box camera or app to beat, so as to ensure that items are in the picture. Although instagram can cut long figure, but directly with a square box shooting more intuitive, more close to your most important way to show, are also more likely to take a smooth, coordinated composition.

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