Create interesting children’s photos

Create interesting children's photos

Create interesting children’s photos

Recently started a Tuli 17-35, canvas prints online ever since a lot of want to play before the subject can be put on the agenda, the first thing that comes to mind is the theme of this turn around, thanks to the veteran from Taiwan Taiwanese Shun Shun Dad’s creativity (‘ How to shoot funny spin to children’s pictures ‘).

Filming theme overall is still very fun, canvas prints australia why pinch? Take Shun father’s words: ‘For children, the most primitive and simple stuff is the best stuff; and the world’s best mobile game, is more than a father! Set riding Aberdeen, flying high, jumping off the floor machine Ferris wheel, pirate ship, train, airplane, spinning ship in one, where can I find more multi-purpose game of money? Have you thought of having fun while playing with your kids? Indeed, it will be both challenging and challenging for kids to play and shoot together, passing by and dads must not be missed (mothers, forehead, physical strength or let’s dad’s come on, let’s tie them up Camera shoot record video, hey).

Previously tried with s24a focus once, glass prints but because the view is still a bit narrow, so not too, a very wide angle is very important (scenery of people, take your 1424,1635,1735 come out, ultra wide can also take a child photo)! ! ! The first test for a moment, flowers and flowers were singled out a good expression, that is, ‘Tengyunfangfu’ and ‘the top of the world. ‘ Daddy is here to write a simple pre-and post-tutorials, the old rules, mainly to play happy with their daughter, to provide some ideas, experts please detour.

Before the beginning of the text long winded, safe and contented the most important! ! ! Of course, you do not want a very playful game to end up with a cup on the coffee table, so be sure to pay attention to the surrounding environment and the child’s mood when looking for locations and timing, such as soft grass, Ah, there must be a minimum awareness of safety. The interval, speed and height of each turn should also be based on the child’s age, courage, status, and your personal strength. Safety is no easy matter, and then stressed that too much! ! !

Back to the topic, first of all to eat chicken photos, fun round is unlikely to cooperate with the two (or Superman father can carry his mother try?), So the first camera to be fixed in the chest. I use the shoulder strap to make up the gap, in order to tilt the lens, but also, the camera in turn so that the flash part can support the lens so that it is not too down. Lazy people play, I believe you will have more cleverness and intelligence using off-the-shelf equipment fixed better.

Then are the camera’s settings, and some friends have guessed, yes, that is, with the timer Selfie function. Specific camera settings everyone turns the manual to go. Daddy’s setting is about 1 second intervals, shot nine, and then began to turn. Do not turn too fast, or safety first, plenty of time, you can try to adjust their attitude to the lens to the child, and then find ways to let the child lift his head, such as playing treasure, reprimand, pray, bribe … … and then… I’ll be lucky. No one gave me a record. I borrow Shun father’s record, basically the same.

Of course, the child’s facial expression is the most important, and then is the position of the head of the army and child, more experience to try. Shun father’s article there are many technical things. The following is my personal summary of a few tips for your reference:

Focal length of course, the wider the better choice, I use here is the full width of 17mm.

· Of course, we do not mean to a hard time photographing the child. The child is imaginary so we can evaluate the concentrate and then adjust the focus to manual and adjust the situation. In addition because of the use of wide-angle, so a large aperture and depth of field are not particularly obvious, but will increase the shooting difficult, simply reduce the aperture, the background part to deal with later.

Shutter speed Because the camera and the child are moving, equivalent to uncontrolled dynamic tracking, so try to put faster, reducing the jitter due to the patch, but the speed of the background can not see the rotation Dynamic fuzzy, this late can make up, see you personally. I have chosen the less difficult, small aperture, fast shutter, manual focus, so automatically, this is the sample f11 1 / 500s iso2800 exotic parameters of the original. We do not Tucao, in fact, I have all kinds of parameters are tested, but pick out these two happens to be the most wonderful low-difficulty combination.

· Turn to choose a little more open, the background is a single place (such as grass, beach), this is also to reduce the difficulty of the latter, if the child can turn up, the use of natural depth of field will be more natural, I was a little small Can not turn too high, the flowers are a bit fickle, so basically are the grass background.

Finally, choose a more uniform background light, such as cloudy, shadow, why pinch, because if there is the sun when you are facing the sun and back to the sun when the parameters will change very large, and may leave Under the ugly shadow.

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