6 tips to help you capture the perfect natural light

When Mercury begins to fall, I like to stay indoors. Plus, my child is out of school until late afternoon, which leaves little time to take a few photos before the sun goes down. I do not have a flash and I do not know how to use it (though it’s been a long time in my learning list). I have to photograph indoor photos with natural light or artificial light.

1. Find the best light of that time

First, 99% of the time, I always try to use natural light for shooting. My home has lots of windows, which make it always a good time to find a corner of my home that has a wonderful light at different times of the day.

Find out the direction of light at different times of the day. I think you have heard before, but it is worth repeating. Really, understand the light in your home and become good friends with them. I know the light behind our house is astonishing later in the afternoon, especially when the afternoon sun just flows into the room. So, if I need to take a picture, I will make sure that my children are placed, or at least invite them to do everything in their area that’s worth your activity, like playing toys / writing / photographing.

Have your child in a particular place
Our windows are large, so I often let my kids move around the window. Although I really want them to sit in front of the charming light, but generally I will see that they are doing something and asking if they will mind doing the same thing in a different place (where there is better Light) so I can take a picture of them. They usually do not pay attention to, so I naturally direct them to the light I want.

Please note:, I would not force them if they do not want to take pictures. I will respect their wishes, try again next time.

Use windows and light to compose the picture
Although back lighting may be one of my favorite ways, I still use windows in different ways. In fact, I like to create a full-blown image through a silhouette of the backlight, with a little bit of silhouette.

As long as my child is near the window, I can utilize the surrounding elements of the room to compose the light and try to tell a story in the picture.

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