August 2016

shoot appealing character portraits

How to shoot appealing character portraits The human face is a very attractive overall work of art. Despite all the faces have the same physical structure, cheap canvas prints nz but they do not sound the same. I can say that they are a unique and original work. In fact, part of the human face is the most personalized, a humanoid character can show that it is also not accidental. Each

master the nine composition

Photographers must master the nine composition Learn to use photography in addition to outside lighting. canvas prints australia composition work is a key factor in success or failure. Photography magazine Foreign COOPH famous photographer Steve McCurry’s work as an example, analyzed and summarized the nine you cannot know the composition skills, produced a small composition instructional videos, take a look at whether they have already mastered. Masters of the composition followed

photography common mistakes

7 landscape photography common mistakes This theme can be said that landscape photography beginner students compulsory subjects, for the novice, canvas prints australia know what is wrong what is a good learning process, here are seven students in landscape photography common mistakes, tell you the truth, I initially it has the same mistake ah! Now takes a look at how they make it more progressive landscape photography! (A) taken at the