June 2016

8 skills enhance photography capability

8 skills enhance photography capability Whether a novice or a veteran, photography capability of ascension is endless, but there are some concepts were taken long realized that, the author is also learning period, I hope the classmate can pay after the play, to review the study and common method of shooting practice, further to photography! (1) Irrespective of the camera can also be trained Photographic eye for photography is very important, it

To explore the secrets of the depth of field (1)

To explore the secrets of the depth of field Maybe you can take along with the background of aesthetic works, canvas prints new zealand but in addition to the large aperture, you can rely on what to do background blur? How to adjust the size of the depth of field? Is there a link between image formats with the depth of field? Don’t worry, here’s everything you want to know about the

Panorama splicing and stack skills

Panorama splicing and stack skills For landscape photography gave us the impression much blue sky, canvas factory australia white clouds, Bridges, desert solitary smoke, uniform composition, framing, and light, it is believed that many people have from the original sigh is slowly becoming not praise. Know the emergence of panoramic photography, let many scenery veterans back when shooting. So, take a look at today, let us follow the hummingbird micro class

What conditions are required to a photography assistant

What conditions are required to a photography assistant Photography assistant is actually a technical job, canvas nz not only in itself is too complex talent, but also a very high execution. Today we take a look excellent photography assistant photographer Isaac Alvarez mind what it was like. Have you considered when a photography assistant? This is a bittersweet job and your employer can affect your working conditions and the environment to

increase the mist effect

How to remove or increase the mist effect In 2014 the Adobe Max shows two Adobe’s new technologies, a night at the Japanese upside down (the Time of day, can easily will be pictures of the day and night upside down at any Time; The other is the fog automatically remove (Defog),  canvas prints australia will be swept away the fog haze in the photo. Two technologies are released, then make

Looking for a young in the collage of photos on canvas

Looking for a young in the collage of photos on canvas Recall the past is that we have been getting “old”, this age struggle, canvas printing nz to start a family and career, seemed to be carrying too much too much, then, we have been graduated from the university for four years, in that there are too many print your own photos memory, if not a song, a Queue pull me

Photo prints Australia night without darkness

Photo prints Australia night without darkness Now is the morning and night time. Guangzhou sky as Shantou free photo prints Australia in the sky, no, canvas prints au is if it is located at the edge of the road, the home of the sky, are very few stars. Just now, boring sitting blowing time, attracted by a shining star, it flashes obsidian affordable wall art that glory, was more beautiful than