8 skills enhance photography capability

8 skills enhance photography capability

8 skills enhance photography capability

Whether a novice or a veteran, photography capability of ascension is endless, but there are some concepts were taken long realized that, the author is also learning period, I hope the classmate can pay after the play, to review the study and common method of shooting practice, further to photography!

(1) Irrespective of the camera can also be trained

Photographic eye for photography is very important, it lets you find unusual places, the ordinary environment using the camera captured the story, to form a good work! I often also remind classmates, even without the camera in hand, also can pay attention to and looking for the ideal subject, novice can pay more attention to. The distribution of light and shade, remember that there is light there is shadow The Angle of a film is interesting and distinctive? Up, down, up, side pat… How to through the composition to highlight the leading role? The rule of thirds, leading lines, frame composition, shallow depth of field… Color should be? The white balance should adjust that? Different focal length can be how to shoot the same and have distinguishing feature each of the main characters. Long, medium and wide…

(2) Familiar with your equipment, to make good use of their features

Some classmates have entry level camera, sometimes students will also use professional camera, but want to take a good photo equipment is not the most important sometimes, but you must understand own hand equipment features and constraints, such as you is to use an entry-level SLR cameras, ISO high signal-to-noise is high also, then you will be able to avoid a high ISO shooting, or more than black and white pictures to make signal-to-noise is unimportant; Or your lens flare resistance is not strong, can avoid a large photographing, or directly into a silhouette effect may be better! There are now many camera function, such as automatic adjust light from the darkness of the Active D – Lighting, droz, light from the darkness optimization, shockproof function, long exposure to noise and so on also want to know what time should be turned on or off, to shoot more handy. And camera lens focal length will also affect to express feelings and visual effect, (very) wide Angle can take great photos, medium suitable for realism, telephoto can compress the foreground, etc… . In a word, to learn what the lens can also be taken excellent works, not restricted by the lens photography inspiration.

(3) To practice yourself

Usual to practice shooting will you go with friends? Unless friends also love photography, please yourself to practice, but should pay attention to safety), you can slowly try and improve and find a different Angle, and the composition and are not afraid to make friends waiting, you can really put into learning photography world!

(4) Do not be afraid of dirty

As a whole, the more ordinary people can’t see the Angle and the field condition, the pictures from the more attractive, so please see if you can find in pressing the shutter with something special, interesting, or different Angle to shoot, even lying on the ground, do not be afraid of dirty

(5) Working on a topic, then slowly increase the theme

Many beginners photography students often in conjunction with the time taken different themes (landscape, portrait, macro, etc.), but each topic will also have their own skills, if you can put most of the time is also used to study a skill that can take more beautiful photos! Of course, have the confidence to shoot can also slowly explore other interests after the subject matter.

(6) Equipment accessories – buy equipment which is nessary.

For photography, “equipment” although not the most important thing, but it’s for the effect of photos or take out, also has a decisive influence, so some necessary equipment please buy better products, please do not casually or keen on gaining petty advantages.

(7) More reference and analysis of other people’s photos

Network developed in the world, around the photographer’s wonderful photos, you can see it anytime with the press “Like” good, the classmate of everyone, please also analyze how photos of slowly, what place is worthy of learning, such as Angle, composition, lighting, foreground and background, etc., and try to take out. Much experience, of course, you will naturally understand resolution is made after the photos there!

(8) To learn from solve the problem

On the photography course, said the most is “after the novice, of course, do not understand, there is a problem to solve will understand!” Therefore, our teaching is often through “to solve the difficulties to learn”, this is the author has been sticking to the principle of upon students also see great results. So poorly in the pictures from when the students meet, remember to carefully think about what may be room for improvement and how to progress, so that you can learn!

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