7 landscape photography common mistakes

photography common mistakes

7 landscape photography common mistakes

This theme can be said that landscape photography beginner students compulsory subjects, for the novice, canvas prints australia know what is wrong what is a good learning process, here are seven students in landscape photography common mistakes, tell you the truth, I initially it has the same mistake ah! Now takes a look at how they make it more progressive landscape photography!

(A) taken at the wrong time
For landscape photography, cheap canvas prints the first thing to watch for is the right time of the shooting! You have to know the best time to shoot the target location. The same environment, can be taken at different times will have a poor day were common ground! You can pay attention to the following tips:

Shun light (ie not backlit) can shoot clear spots, slipt photo canvas prints scenery;
Backlight can make beautiful silhouette, especially for something obvious contour;
Backlight plus exposure compensation can take issue feel soft photos;
If you take a look at TPE venue to see the sunrise, sunset, Ruoguo cannot miss;
Roger does not know when to shoot. Select Magic Hour may be pleasantly surprised!
7 landscape photography common mistakes

Different times have different effects. Sunset is a good time to shoot the scenery!

Error Model: Select when shooting backlit spots, making objects disappear texture detail, or overexposed sky.

(B) not subject photo
A photo is not very sensitive topic, the reader is looking at a photo will produce baffling feeling, do not know what should be there to look at, so you can shoot through the following procedures to think about us:

What is the protagonist of this photo?
After determining the protagonist. What is supporting it? It did not set off a protagonist not very prominent;
Straight down or horizontal position it?
Something is superfluous. Do not include it?

A simple landscape, but the theme of falling water walking boot. Immediately has the focus.

(Iii) does not focus on foreground
‘Prospect’ is taking photos of landscapes One of the most important things, the prospect has the right, you can make your photo more rich, it can also set off the protagonist, or the expression of more elements of the environment at the time, so when you arrive at a site, be sure to consider the prospect of what began shooting

Even if the site does not have a positive outlook, and got the beach side and the small waves when prospects are not a bad idea.

(Iv) shoot me shoot people, lack of creativity
When you reach a scenic spot, especially when traveling shot, everyone except those who also filmed the composition, but also like him to be creative, find a different time, angle, body, or take close-up, use of fast and slow shutter An attempt (in particular, water, clouds, or the flow of people place), so you will have a better chance to shoot really belong to you, and do different works.

(V) to ignore the difference between light problem
Light difference is an issue that is often a professional photographer will be considered! In particular, contain a photo of the sky, the sky often appears normal exposure but the ground is dim, or normal ground but the sky is overexposed dead white of a situation, then we can make good use of GND gray gradient filter to balance light is poor, let the sky ground and also has a normal exposure, the entire photo will look more professional it!

Light poor did not deal with the problem. So the sky is normally ground underexposed.

(Vi) be afraid to use high ISO
The camera now increasingly scientific and technological progress, the photo function is also very effective in addition to noise, plus the popular full-frame Full-frame cameras, ISO800,1600 its 6400 etc. are also to be ‘available’ in scope, so do not scared at the appropriate time using a high ISO, shooting especially in the absence of a tripod, light and inadequate environment, preferring a little more noise, but also to maintain a photo for sharp shake.

Handheld shooting, the use of ISO1600 is not much effect on the imaging.

(Vii) without using a tripod
That is to travel, I will also take a tripod, tripod lets you shoot high quality in addition to night, the sunrise, sunset, Magic Hour and other times will be used; and do not think in broad daylight without a tripod in fact in the sunlight plus ND dimming mirror also allows you to make beautiful water falls, greatly increase the fun and shoot the subject too!

Even in broad daylight, we can also use a tripod + ND light microscopy shoot silk water.

Taking photos of landscapes, there are many techniques, but the most important thing after learning to practice multi-point shooting practice in a different light, geographical environment, so that it can truly become a ‘landscape photography of people, ‘ it!

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